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Connecting People to God


In September 2019, Connection Community Church was launched with risk-taking faith for the primary purpose of connecting people to God.  We're thankful for our heritage as East End Baptist Church, and we look forward to seeing God do amazing things in the future!  We worship each Sunday morning at 11:00 AM and meet each Wednesday for a meal and Bible teaching.  We're located at the former East End Baptist Church location. It's a new beginning and it won't be easy, but we can't wait to see what God has planned.  Connect with us and join us for the journey!

Here, you will find no perfect Christians, no fan-fare, or, exclusivity. Everybody is welcome and we embrace people from all walks of life.  Our desire is for the glory of God and to connect people to Him.  

Connection Community Church, Roanoke, VA - Loving God and people of all walks of life.
Connection Community Church, Roanoke, VA - Loving God and people of all walks of life.

We are Now Connection Community Church

Connect with Us!

God has a purpose for your life; and life is best experienced together.  We are a community of broken people wanting to share Jesus with broken people.  This is a community where you belong.  Come experience true life and worship with us!

What to Expect

Come dressed as you are for worship; jeans and a t-shirt - even your bad hair day.  We don't focus on outer appearances, financial status or, especially, how good you are.  None of us are good apart from faith in Jesus Christ.  We simply want to share the love of Jesus and His grace and mercy.  It is Jesus who clothes us in His righteousness. 


Our worship is simple, authentic and focused on the richness of God's Word. We all have questions on how to navigate the challenges of life.  Our worship time; the singing and teaching, answers those inescapable questions of life.